Google Chrome OS Flex turns your old PC into a Chromebook

Google suggested Chrome OS Flex, which is a modified version of Chrome OS that you can run on your Windows PC or Mac. The program can boot from a USB drive. Currently, Chrome OS Flex is available in early access.

Chrome OS Flex

At the end of 2020, Google will have the company Neverware has been hackedThese are the developers behind CloudReady. CloudReady allowed you to install Chrome OS on an old Windows PC, and now it forms the basis for a new operating system called Chrome OS Flex, which Google announced in Chrome Enterprise website

Google is marketing Chrome OS Flex as a way to breathe new life into old computers running Windows or macOS. A solution that will also prevent unnecessary e-waste or e-waste. Chrome OS Flex should primarily appeal to businesses and schools that still have old computers on the side, but the software is also freely available to consumers.

Install to a USB drive

Google says it understands that anyone with an old computer isn’t keen on switching their current operating system to Chrome OS. This is why you will be able to put Chrome OS Flex on the USB drive that you then use to work with Chrome OS from Windows or macOS. Google says it will guide you step by step to set up the USB drive.

Google plan step by step

If you decide Chrome OS Flex is not for you, you can easily format the USB drive, but there is also the option to install Chrome OS on your device. Chrome OS Flex is a full version of the operating system that comes with monthly updates and integration between Play Store and Google Assistant.

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Try Chrome OS Flex

If you want to start using Chrome OS Flex, you can Register here for early access. If you’ve ever used CloudReady on your computer, you’ll simply receive the update to Chrome OS Flex as soon as the early access period expires. That will be the case in the coming months, but when exactly is not known yet.

Chrome OS Flex is not only a solution that can prevent email waste, but it’s a useful way for Google to introduce more people to Chrome OS. Will you test Chrome OS Flex? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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Google Chrome OS Flex turns your old PC into a Chromebook

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