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The last crazy year has made us crave more than ever for more peace of mind, in our lives and in our living environment. At Imagicasa, we are totally fascinated by the projects, designs and collaborations at House of Gray where health and happiness are the guiding principles.

The world of architecture and interior was no stranger to Louisa Gray when she herself took her first steps into a design career. “My parents are very creative and got to know each other in art school in the 1960s. They always encouraged me to think differently,” she tells us. Meanwhile, Gray has gained more than twenty years of experience which she transferred to her studio, House of Gray, just over five years ago. In addition to commercial and residential projects, the team may also be called upon to advise on design and production design. House of Gray talks about “salt circular design”. Imagicasa contacted the British designer and was pleased to indulge her unique and interesting philosophy. With what idea did you start your studio?
“The turning point at House of Gray was that I didn’t find a satisfying creative job. What I did at that point was make the decision to start my own company where I could work. This allowed me to make lifestyle choices, which in turn made me very happy. I also founded House of Gray of Gray out of an instinctive need to change the way we live and build our environment.”

What is the Gray House Hypothesis?
“As a design studio, our primary goal has become to leave a positive design legacy in the renovation and restoration of modern and historic spaces. Every material or raw material we identify is examined so that we can understand its impact on human health and the environment during its production, use, and once it is disposed of. Our studio perspective is that When we don’t design for human health and the environment, we’re making unintelligent choices.”

The simple goal of salt design is to build structures that make people healthier.

Is this what we understand by “saline design”?
“Really. Our residential and commercial projects fuse our aesthetic and studio philosophy with the principles of salutogenesis to design a home-sanctuary for our clients who want to invest actively in the pursuit of health and fulfillment in their lives. The simple goal of salutogenesis design is to build structures that make people healthier, a principle rooted in the construction of many The world’s leading modern hospitals. It is the ultimate investment in people in an architectural sense.”

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How does that translate to your business?
Our interior design focuses on improving human health as well as aesthetics. Where possible, we use local, high-quality, natural and sustainable materials and design spaces that reflect people’s intuitive way of working and living and that grow with them as their needs change. The studio focuses on luxury and simplicity, so the painting and materials used in our projects reflect this aesthetic. All elements within the project are carefully put together to nourish and restore our clients on a daily basis. ” How do you see the future of the studio?
“Our goal, as we continually innovate, is to build a studio and creative community where we can develop and support together and dig deeper through our product collaborations and creative endeavors. We expected a shift in awareness by developing natural and sustainable product lines, but this has been accelerated by Covid. That’s why We anticipate a cultural movement of awareness of what we surround ourselves with in the coming years and the exciting thing is that we now have more options.” If you want to learn more about House of Gray, be sure to read the full article on Imagicasa Summer 2021.

Cover Photo: House of Gray x Armadillo Ellipse Rug Collection, Photography by Emma Lee
Collage 1, liter, down:
House of Gray interior design, Photography by Michael Sinclair
Interior design by House of Gray for Cereal Magazine, photo by Jake Curtis
House of Gray interior design, Photography by Michael Sinclair
Collage 2: All photos::
House of Gray interior design, Photography by Michael Sinclair

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