According to the CEO, Qantas passengers are returning to the US and UK

Alan Joyce, CEO of Contas, expects the trip to the United States and the United Kingdom to return soon. Earlier this month it was reported that Australian authorities would continue to enforce border closures until next year.

As a result of ongoing border closures in Australia, Qantas had to announce the cessation of its international flights. Both the United States and the United Kingdom have been strong markets for aircraft, but flights have been down for more than a year due to the epidemic. “We are still discussing this with the government. We plan to be ready by the end of this year. We operate flights [en] We are training our team … I hope we are sure which markets will open when July-August comes and when they will open. “Said Joyce Executive traveler.

Joyce looks forward to reopening. However, one of these markets, the UK, is facing a number of instances where officials are announcing new travel restrictions for the country. Many countries are concerned about the increasing number of new cases.

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