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British research suggests that the headlights of some new cars pose a major risk to other motorists. More than half of respondents say they suffer from glare symptoms more often than before. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to keep it safe.

Research by the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) has shown that more than half of UK drivers are now more dazzled by bright headlights than ever before. More than 91 per cent of the 1,250 motorists surveyed said that ‘some’ or ‘most’ of the headlights on the road were too bright.

The number of complaints seems to be increasing in our region, as evidenced by the large number of responses to various Internet forums on the subject. In 2019, the Dutch Agency for Tourism and Transport ANWB confirmed this after an investigation of the current generation of LED lights. With one of the LED systems, the light at a distance of 20 centimeters was three times brighter than a direct view of the sun.

Bright daytime running lights

The research also shows that daylight hours are getting brighter. That is the front lights of the car, which automatically switch on when you start the car. According to the ANWB, that lamp is now twice as bright as the dipped beam. Because it is designed to be clearly visible in full sunlight. The downside is that it’s too bright at dusk and dark, blinding oncoming traffic.


In fact, it’s the advances in headlight technology that cause the problem.

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In fact, it’s the advances in headlight technology that cause the problem. After all, LED and laser headlights are advancing because they offer motorists a better view than conventional halogen lights. But of course they are very bright.

However, more and more new cars have technology that dazzles other road users. However, these systems only work when driving with high beams. The lights automatically switch back to dipped beam.

Visibility was reduced for seconds

According to the Royal Automobile Club, too bright a light can sometimes cause oncoming traffic to be barely visible for a few to ten seconds on the road. According to the British newspaper, the troubles began the sun Already introduced standard halogen lamps. The use of extremely bright xenon light with a bluish appearance and the currently popular LED and laser light will lead to more complaints.

According to car manufacturers, laser light is the ultimate revolution in LED lighting. These lamps consist of small mobile mirrors that diffuse and direct light rays. Unlike classic lasers, these laser beams do not harm the eyes because the light is converted thanks to a fluorescent phosphor. This causes the light rays to become white and bright, but not dazzling.

Tall SUVs are the main cause of complaints

Incidentally, fifty percent of drivers in the study said that SUVs, which sit higher on the road than most cars, contribute significantly to glare. The Action Team is based in England Lightmare Established, a variant the dream (Dream). The founder says that he has received thousands of complaints from motorists.

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How to protect yourself from blinding headlights?

• Make sure your glasses are clean. Often there is a layer of dirt and grease on the outside, but inside.

• Don’t focus on a ‘blinding’ vehicle coming from the opposite direction. Try to see your own path.

• Use sun visor(s) to protect headlights from obstructing vision.

• Use the latest technology: Some cars have an auto-dimming feature installed in the rear window to dim the lights of oncoming traffic.

• If your rearview mirror does not have an automatic ‘anti-dazzle’ mode, adjust it to a different position to avoid being affected by the lights of the car behind you.

• Adapted glasses with polarized lenses make night driving safer.

• If you wear glasses, make sure your glasses are completely clean.

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