The Flemish project for the Heritage Lottery ends in Phys

The Flemish project of attracting private capital for the Flemish tradition through the Heritage Lottery seems to have failed.

According to Matthias DeBendale (N-VA), Flemish Minister of Immovable Tradition, no negotiations with the National Lottery have taken place. According to the N-VA Minister, the National Lottery has lost a ‘golden opportunity’ to support the Flemish tradition. For example, Dipendaele answered a question asked by Manuela van Verde (N-VA) in the Flemish Parliament on Thursday.

The organization of the Heritage Lottery is included in the Flemish Coalition Agreement and the Immovable Heritage Policy Note. Following the example of similar lotteries in France and the United Kingdom, the aim was to organize the annual traditional lottery, especially before Open Memorial Day. Proceeds from the lottery will be used to expedite the restoration of many traditional sites.

But the plan seems to be lying in the trash. According to Minister Debentale, negotiations with the National Lottery failed. According to the N-VA minister, the national lottery wanted to choose a different formula (dompola formula) and ‘new ideas and preconditions were constantly put on the table’.

Not much in the original idea of ​​the Flemish traditional lottery. ‘Our initial proposal was watered down again and again until the empty box was left,’ says the frustrated Dibentale. “In our opinion, the national lottery had a golden opportunity here to support our heritage as a partner of the Flemish government, but unfortunately missed it, I am very sorry,” the N-VA minister said.

Questioner Manuela van Verde shares this disappointment. ‘It would have been a great opportunity to attract private capital for traditional maintenance, but for me it might have been a plan to once again focus on our immovable heritage,’ says Van Verde.

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