Dutch Geno (9 years old) silent second round, this time after his home in Maastricht: ‘We’re here to say sorry’ | Abroad

Today in Maastricht, southeast Holland, several thousand people walked a silent march for 9-year-old Gino, who was found dead last week in Jilin. They passed through the house where Gino lived with his mother.

Many people carry white balloons with them. Gino’s mother and sister lead the way. Yesterday’s procession was also organized, but unlike the procession in Kerkrade, today in Maastricht it was a quiet and modest procession. The bells of a nearby church rang at the start of the tour.

Gino lived in Maastricht, until two weeks ago, he was forced to stay with his older sister in Kerkrade due to the illness of his single mother. Last seen on Wednesday night last week. Three days later he was found dead in two generations. According to the police, he was kidnapped and killed. For this, Donnie M. was arrested. The 22-year-old is from Jilin.

Participants in the silent tour of Maastricht carry lamps, lights and lanterns. Gino was afraid of the dark. There are many flowers, lovely toys and candles in front of the house in Gildenweg. The boy’s face was familiar to his neighbourhood. He often played abroad and was known by everyone.


“He was born here and played soccer and sometimes pranks,” his sister, Naomi, said in a speech at the community center for about 2,000 people. In this neighborhood great desolation and immense grief. Hopefully the Netherlands is now shaken up and will learn from that. This cannot happen again.”

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Mayor Anne-Marie Penn said in her speech that she was “stunned and unable to speak”. “We’re here because we have to say sorry to Gino because your young life ended so unfairly for you,” she continued. She concluded her speech with the words: “Thank you, dear Gino, for what you are. Farewell, Jungske oet Mestreech!”

Then the children who walked along released their balloons, which they carried with them.

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