Prince Harry sues Associated Newspapers over article on police security | the Royal family

In February it was announced that Harry is suing ANL for defamation, but it was not clear why Prince would do so and what articles or ANL headlines would be implicated. During the hearing, it turned out to be related to an article that appeared in February in response to a lawsuit the Prince had brought against the UK Home Office over the police security of his family. He lost it after he and his wife resigned from their royal duties in 2019 and moved to the United States.

severe pain

And according to a number of British media, Harry said in a written statement, Thursday, that the article caused him “continuing pain, shame and suffering.” His lawyer, Justin Rashbrook, added that the article noted that the prince “lied in public statements” by claiming he had always been willing to pay for his security while in the UK. Rushbrooke also said in the article at mail on sunday It was alleged that Harry attempted “inappropriately and cynically” to manipulate public opinion on the matter.

ANL denies these allegations. During the hearing, ANL lawyers argued that the article “does not contain any trace of misconduct” and was not defamatory. The judge said he will make a decision at a later time, but it is not yet known when.

Thomas Marklia

Harry and his wife Megan won a case from ANL earlier this year. The Duchess of Sussex felt the publisher had invaded her privacy by publishing part of a handwritten letter to her father, Thomas Markle. And The Mail on Sunday had to apologize to Meghan from the judge. The Duchess also received compensation donated to charity.

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