Activists glued themselves to the painting’s frame, and the gallery employee raged: “Shut up, I don’t want to hear it.”

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Young activists from Just Stop Oil stick themselves to the frame of a painting at Manchester Art Gallery. For the third time this week, they protested against the policy of the British government.

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“I’m not making noise. I don’t want to hear what you’re saying. No, no, no… you’ve taken our property. A Manchester Art Gallery employee was displeased when he saw two young children in their twenties sticking their hands into the frame of a painting, video footage shows, one of them Declaring how bad the weather was, “No new oil”, Paul Bellon (21) and Eddre Whittingham (24) sprayed the ground before starting their protest.

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The T-shirts of the two young men betray why they are there: they are demanding that the British government ban new gas and oil projects. “I’m a little scared,” he said in a Facebook video recorded for the campaign. “But I’m going to do it because our government is still investing in oil and gas.” Climate change is genocide. It is racist and causes disproportionate damage in the South. It destroys communities and kills people. Young people have nothing to lose anymore, so we have to do this.

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In recent days, other activists from the group have also attached themselves to the artworks in England. But it doesn’t always turn out so innocent. In recent weeks there have been large-scale blockades near ports and oil terminals and tunnels, which have been closed to disrupt as much oil supply as possible. Earlier, there were enthusiasts who would visit the ground and attach themselves to the goal post during football matches. The latter happened in our country during the cup final between AA Gent and Anderlecht by a climate activist.

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