Dyed hair growth? This is how you become a beautiful gray

Curious to know what your natural gray hair looks like on you, or do you no longer want to dye for another reason? Then it is important to let your dyed hair grow. This period can last for a very long time and the growth often does not look very pleasant. We have tips on how to do this.

Get it often

Hair dye can damage the hair or may trigger an allergic reaction on the scalp. This could be a good reason to stop dyeing your hair. But even if you sometimes want to play around with your hair color, there’s a good reason to let dyed hair grow out. It depends on a number of things how quickly you can completely cut your gray hair. The most important factor in this is the length of your hair. The longer the hair, the longer it takes to paint naturally. You have some influence over it, in cut form. The more you cut it, the faster the color will appear. Also, in the case of long hair, you can of course choose to cut it and let it grow again. This is a shame, of course, and there are other alternatives.

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gray hair camouflage

These alternatives are primarily in the form of wisps and toner. You are not dyeing your entire hair, you are dyeing part of it. This hides the worst result. Adding strands of lighter shades makes gray hair less noticeable and the ink allows the colors to blend in naturally. This way it will gradually turn your gray color. In the event that you wear a darker shade of paint, you can bridge the difference in color with dim lighting and ink. Gray Blend is also an option. Different shades of hair (gray) are added to your hair so that you can beautifully transition to not coloring your hair at all. If you already have some gray growth, you can also consider dyeing your hair in this shade at once. The paint will grow on its own, but it will not be visible because it is the same color. Finally, you can color your hair with a washable color. For example, you will have a different hair color for a few weeks, but your gray hair will continue to grow and you can eventually stop the temporary coloring.

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Prevent discoloration

Gray hair can appear slightly yellowish over time. Especially in the case of very light gray hair. You can prevent this if necessary with a special shampoo, the so-called silver shampoo. This ensures that the yellow glow disappears again thanks to the purple or blue pigments it contains. So it is important not to use it too often, otherwise the hair color may turn a little purple or blue again.

(Source: Margriet, JAN Magazine, Franska.nl. Photo: Shutterstock)

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