Police find dozens of decomposing bodies in an American funeral home | Abroad

Police in Jeffersonville, a suburb of Louisville, made the shocking discovery after a report came in Friday evening of a pungent body odor seen outside a funeral home in Lankford.

Officers who entered the building in protective clothing discovered a total of 31 bodies scattered throughout the building. Officer Isaac Parker said some are said to have been at the funeral home since March. The police also found the charred remains of 16 people.

The owner of the funeral home has been questioned by police since Friday and the investigation is still ongoing. “Customers found the situation very disturbing,” Parker said.

The remains were taken to the Clark County Coroner’s Office for identification. Police urged anyone with information to contact the coroner’s office.

A woman who sent her brother’s body to the funeral home in April for cremation told local media that she was still waiting for his ashes. When I called the Undertaker about why it was taking so long, he replied, “He had a lot on his mind.”

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