Adoption of 49 suggestions from citizens

The EU must remain committed to promoting dialogue, ensuring peace and a rules-based international order, promoting multilateralism and building on the EU’s long-standing peace initiatives that contributed to the award of the Nobel Prize in 2012, and at the same time its common security. Through this procedures

These are some examples of 49 suggestions of citizens adopted by the European Parliament in connection with the Conference on the Future of Europe at the end of last week. The Talking About Europe’s Future initiative was launched on May 9, 2021 with the aim of hearing what Europeans think of Europe and what kind of Europe it is. From Europe they want to live. A series of citizen dialogues with committees have been conducted across the European Union.

Migration, climate, health, etc.
The final plenary session of the conference was held in the European Parliament on 29-30 April. During the discussion, a set of 49 detailed proposals was agreed upon, covering a wide range of topics, from climate change to health, migration and the European Union in the world. This follows an exceptional year-long course of discussions, deliberations and cooperation by citizens from all over Europe.

Representatives of the European Parliament, Council, Commission and representatives of national parliaments unanimously agree on the proposals. Citizens who participated in the plenary also expressed their views on these proposals.

With this final plenary session, the one-year process is coming to a close on 9 May in Strasbourg, where the Executive Committee of the Conference will deliver the final report of the Conference to the heads of EU institutions.

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It is still possible to share online via Electronic portal Until May 9.

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