Ben Van puts British culture album in the spotlight with new festival: ‘Great Britain is more than London’ (Ghent)

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There is no cooking program about English breakfast or a “bollocks” course, but musicians, movies and talk shows. With the new “All in the UK” festival, Democraze and Ben Van Album want to put British culture in the spotlight in May.

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From May 10 to 21, Ghent will breathe British culture. Seven bands and eighteen films from Great Britain, as well as two talks, can be seen in the city. Both big stars like Peter Doherty and smaller bands like Lime Garden are on the show.

The idea for “Everything UK” comes from Ben van Albom. “I like England a little bit,” he says. “I grew up in the ’90s with British films and bands. Because of Brexit, they are touring Europe less and less. It’s their fault, but it’s a shame.” Van Albom wants to make Everything UK an annual festival to bring British culture here. People know mainly London, but Britain is much more than that.

For the first edition, the organization will be committed to a number of bands, films, and talks. Het Bard van Trouge Library will also pay additional attention to some British books. “Next year they will invite an author. So we want to involve more people and organize whiskey tastings, for example. We are considering this year as an introduction.”

afternoon tea

During this period, concerts will be held in Handelsbeurs, Charlatan and Theresia. All films are shown in the Sphinx. Van Album chose the films himself. “Over the years, I have noticed that fewer British films are being released in Belgium. The films we show here have never been released before.” The program includes an afternoon tea screening of Pride & Prejudice, as well as a documentary on football legend Alex Ferguson.

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There will be movie guests such as directors and sometimes an actor. On the opening night, “Boiling Point” will be played in the presence of director Philippe Barantini. “The Boiling Point” is a thriller that takes place one evening in a restaurant and was shot in one take. “For movies and music, we follow our gut feeling and look at quality. There are also small bands and films that we believe in.”

Information and tickets can be found on .’s website democratic And sphinx† The festival takes place from May 10 to 21.

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