Rock Werchter wrapped up its last of its festive days on Sunday night. According to the organization, the four-day sold-out event attracted 88,000 visitors per day, with 67,500 on a combined ticket and 20,500 on a day ticket.

At the end of Rock Werchter 2023, the organization announced several numbers. For example, there wasn’t much Belgian business on the bill (16). Most of the artists came from England. Another 50,000 people used one of the two camps.

Rock Werchter 2023 tickets sold out in 106 countries. Needless to say, Belgium and the Netherlands are the most common places where this has happened, but many Rock Werchter tickets have also been purchased in the UK, France, Germany, Israel, Luxembourg, Ireland, the USA and Italy. The festival is made possible in part by 11,000 volunteers from 185 associations. She’s also been less busy with the latest edition of Red Cross Point. In this way, some 5,000 visitors were cared for over the course of four days.

Rock Werchter 2023 at Studio Brussels has been described by organizer Hermann Scheuermanns as ‘a close-knit party, against the acidity of society’.

The festival is scheduled to start next year from Thursday 4 to Sunday 7 July.