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People and How You Samba will compete for the top spot in the Top 40 this week.

This is evident from the first positions that advance to the top 40 next Friday. Libianka, as well as Cian Ducrot, Aira Starr and Oma Leigh, have held the top spot for three weeks. It became clear last week that Krisz Kross Amsterdam, Sofia Reiss and Tini Tempah will form the clear attack. Yoo Samba has been in the top 10 since early June and the track has moved up a spot in the past two weeks to take second place last week. How Yu Samba is already more successful at radio than the masses and it looks like the five are quickly closing the gap in terms of streaming. The big question is whether climbing over people is enough. It was Krisz Kross’s second No. 1 hit for Amsterdam. In 2019, He Is Van Mij, along with Mann, Tabitha and Pizzi, spent seven weeks at number one. It will be the first No. 1 hit in our country, still managed by Mexican Sofia Reyes, for Tini Tempah from the United Kingdom. 25th out of the top 40 is unlikely.

Summer tracks also compete with each other on the list. Becky G and Omega’s Arranca has been on the chart for six weeks, making its way into the top 10. Last week, Peggy Gou became the highest new entry at number 19 with It Goes Like Nanana. The South Korean has also had great success. Steps on the list next weekend. In the past week, Gou doubled his performance on streaming.

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OneRepublic continues to rise towards the top half of the list with Runaway. The American band is currently working on their 15th Top 40 hit. The runaway could be the tenth to reach the top 20. The last hit to fail to do so was 2019’s Rescue Me.

Luis Capaldi was in the news last week because he had to decide to clear his schedule of shows. The 26-year-old British singer has a lot of trouble controlling her jitters on stage. Wish You The Best fell two places to 18th last week. His fifth Top 40 hit this week managed to find its way back.

Among the likely entrants this week, we’re mainly looking at Amalia von Wesley Bronkhorst. The song has definitely been around for a while since it was released in early June last year. Last week, the Amsterdammer was already awarded a gold record, and the top 40 list could be added as well. Taylor Swift’s Karma has seen a significant increase in airplay. As for streaming, the 33-year-old American mainly relies on YouTube. Given all the attention surrounding his concerts, the big question next Friday is whether this amount is enough to break into the top 40? Two of her previous singles, Lavender Haze and All of the Girls You Loved For, charted on Dipperade this year.

Domien Verschuuren will take you through the new catalog on Qmusic this Friday from 2pm. The complete list can be found at from 6 p.m.


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