[ADV] The latest iOS updates are good news for people using older iPads or iPhones

[Advertorial] A new update will be released this spring: iOS 16.4. This update brings new features to your iPhone. Another update has been released, iOS 15.7.4.

This is the new update for older iPhones and iPads. So Apple made a second update if your device does not support iOS 16 updates, you can install iOS 15 updates. In this article, we explain all the internal and external details of these Apple updates.

Update your old iPad and iPhone

So Apple is working on an update for users of newer and older models as well. So update 15.7.4 will be released for older iPads and iPhones. We recommend all users to make this update as well, due to a number of security updates. One of the problems this solves is that people in your contact list can be read by accessibility features. A total of sixteen vulnerabilities have been addressed.

For users who have an Apple device that can handle the 16.4 update, a number of new features have been added, and we will briefly list the most important ones for you:

  • One of these features is the addition of 21 new emojis.
  • Ambient noise is blocked on mobile calls and your voice is prioritized.
  • The Connection Safety setting for kids gives the option to enable warnings for kids when they receive or send images that contain nudity.
  • The Parent’s Purchase Order request was sometimes not displayed on the Parent’s screen. This problem has been resolved.
  • Incident detection has been improved on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models.
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So be aware that not all functions may be available on your Apple device. Read below which iPhones and iPads can and cannot handle the update.

What devices will receive the update?

Due to the new iOS 16.4 update, there are likely to be iPhone and iPad models that cannot handle this update. So the iOS 15.7.4 update can be downloaded if you have an older model. This applies to the following models:

  • iPhone 6s (Plus)
  • iPhone 7 (Plus)
  • iPhone SE (2016)

The following iPads are eligible for the iPadOS update, which also includes the 15.7.4 update:

To download these updates, use the following steps:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Click on “General”.
  • Click on “Software Update”.
  • Click on “Download” and then “Install”.

Your iPhone or iPad installs this software update, restarts the device and you’ll be completely up to date again.

iPhone or iPad too old to update?

Is your iPhone or iPad too old for an update, or is your iPhone or iPad no longer running fast enough? Then iPhone or iPad purchase Maybe it’s a good idea to be able to use all the new functions that the device offers you.

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