After 10 years you can take the most romantic walk again

In Italy there is the beautiful Via dell’Amore, a road considered one of the most beautiful walks in the world. So the hiking trail was very popular, but it was closed after the landslide. Now the track is partially open to tourists again.

If you’re a bit of an Italy fan, you’ll instantly recognize the colorful houses on the rocks as Cinqe Terre. Along the Cinque Terre coast is one of the most romantic hiking trails in the world: the Route del Amor.

Love road

Via dell’Amore, also known as the Road of Love, was instantly christened one of the most romantic walks in the world. Especially because of the long narrow roads where you have a beautiful view of the picturesque coastal villages. The path is about 1 km long and takes you from the village of Riomaggiore to Manarola.

Originally, the track was built by railway workers in the 1920s, and in this way, the two villages remained accessible while tunnels were being built for the train. But soon, according to folk tales, they were used by young people in love who lived in each other’s village. So you will find many locks with which couples have immortalized their love over the years.


After a big storm in 2011, a landslide occurred. As a result, the road had to be closed to ensure the safety of visitors. Meanwhile, the Italians have been working on the renovation for more than ten years and it has borne fruit: part of the track has finally been opened again.

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From July 2024, the entire route will be available to tourists again. Although the Italian government also wants to protect the beautiful path against mass tourism. This is why you will only be able to walk the path with a guided tour. With this tour you also get to Riomaggiore Castle and of course you support the local economy. A ticket for Via dell’Amore will cost you 5 euros.

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