After an hour and a half of the public hearing on UFOs, the closed session began. Every conspiracy theorist knows enough

Tony Mod

Somehow she hoped that such a sea seal would open the meeting room doors, with a strange shaped creature over his shoulder in the fireman’s fist, only to throw it on the table in front of the commission chief and exclaim, ‘So… now are you illusion?!’

This week, the US House of Representatives held a public hearing on UFOs for the first time in more than 50 years, although you can no longer name them. They are already unknown, but no one dares to say for sure whether they are from Flyen, and whether they are beings at all. So they are now called Unspecified Atmospheric Phenomena, UAPs, a term that will never take root, except among enthusiasts and experts of the subject, who can set themselves apart from the rest of us earthlings.

Anyway, that public hearing can be continued Youtube

The chairman, an Indiana Democrat, insisted that unregistered volunteers had been stigmatized “for too long.” The pilots did not report unusual sightings during their flight, fearing that their colleagues would wear tin hats and shout “ET phone home” for the rest of their careers when they climbed into the cockpit. No, it’s all about National Security† If something inexplicable happens in the sky, it needs serious investigation, because you never know if the high-tech weapons belonged to the Russians or the Chinese.

And so it went on for an hour and a half, in a room full of men in contact, part politicians, and intelligence chiefs, discussing the importance of UAP investigations, procedures as to whether or not mysterious sightings should be revealed, or whether they were seen only with the eye or also with ” Multiple sensors,” until finally, one of them showed an exciting movie from his laptop on the screen.

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Shaky pictures from the cockpit window. Camera pans, window sparkles.

“Is that it there?” asks the chief. “Can you suggest what we should look at?”

The chief of intelligence pauses the video, fast forwards, pauses on the next frame, and also UAP appears to be missing for a moment, then suddenly says “there’s gold”.

The President: This is a phenomenon that we cannot explain?

Intelligence chief: “I can’t explain what this particular thing is.”

There was something touching about it, all those big guys together who looked at such a glassy mystery movie. Intelligence chiefs several times assured viewers that they are “just like them,” and they are also interested.”What’s there† There was laughter when the intelligence chief admitted that he was fond of science fiction and even occasionally attended science fiction conventions. (“Although I don’t necessarily wear identical clothes.”)

After an hour and a half, the direct link was broken and the gentlemen–and one lady, but outnumbered–continued in closed session to discuss matters which might give the enemy forces too much insight into defense techniques and techniques. Every conspiracy theorist knows enough, because during that “closed session” this alien is, of course, put on the table.

But after an hour and a half of listening, I’m pretty sure that behind closed doors, too, the mystery has gone no more than the tie-clad men staring at mystery films, explaining to each other what they can’t explain.

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