Orange code raised across the country due to thunderstorms

Code orange has now been lifted across the country due to thunderstorms, RMI reports. The green code applies even in most counties. Code yellow is currently only in effect in Liege, Namur and Luxembourg, although those forecasts also expire at 6 pm there. Until 5 pm, code yellow was also active in Limburg, but the province is now turning green again.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands continues to warn of local rain and thunderstorms that may be severe with gusty winds.

next night The last rain showers leave our country through Germany and the Netherlands and show large areas. Low clouds form during the night. Minor values ​​drop to values ​​between 7 and 13 degrees.

Saturday We get alternating periods of sunny and cloudy periods. It is temperate and mostly dry with a maximum of 16 to 20 degrees.

Sunday It’s sunny with some high cloud fields at times. It remains dry with a maximum temperature of 22 degrees. In the sea, the sea breeze guarantees maximum temperatures of 17 degrees.

Monday It will be variable with showers and a chance of local thunderstorms. Maximum temperatures range between 17 degrees in the sea and 22 degrees in Kempen. Tuesday Lots of clouds especially in the afternoon, still showers here and there, mostly indoors. It is colder with a maximum of about 17 degrees in the middle.

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