After the criticism, Sweden ended the sun-dimensional experiment

In Sweden, significant resistance has arisen against the testing of geoengineering, or the global application of technologies to influence the climate.

SAMI leaders living in Lapland wrote a letter to the Swedish Space Agency (SSC). According to them, the test goes against what needs to be done to combat climate change: work for a carbon-neutral society “in harmony with nature.”

Other critics fear the technology could reduce the drive to cut greenhouse gases. There are also concerns about potential unintended and unknown consequences.

Joanna Sandal, president of SSNC, Sweden’s largest conservation organization, said she was relieved that the test had been canceled, she told Reuters news agency. “It is a rejection of technology that can have dire consequences, such as changing the water cycle, disrupting monsoon patterns, or exacerbating droughts.” She says the technology is “too dangerous” to be used at all.

Next stop: The United States of America?

David Keith, one of the Harvard scientists associated with the project, described the cancellation of the experiment as a “setback”. According to him, the next time will be devoted to informing the Swedes so that they change their minds.

In response to many questions about Site From the project, the scientists confirmed that the materials used – calcium carbonate, or chalk powder – are harmless to humans and the environment. Plus, the researchers say it’s a scientific experiment rather than a big test. For example, less than two kilograms of the substance is released in a relatively small area, which is a few hundred meters in diameter.

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If Sweden continues to refuse the test, the scientists may move to the United States. Former President Trump said in 2017 Open To run for such climatic experiments in his country. It is not clear how the incumbent President Biden views this.

The American Academy of Sciences wrote last week that the government in the United States should be between $ 100 million and $ 200 million over the next five years. For investment To see if dim sunlight is a realistic and safe solution to the climate problem.

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