After the Czech billionaire crashes the highway at 417 km / h: German police begin investigation

Czech billionaire Radim Passer’s driving behavior is under scrutiny after he posted an adorable video on the internet. The photos show how the Passer is driving at 417 km / h on the German highway. At the end of their dangerous condition, the driver and passenger cheer and applaud for their driving behavior. Although it was initially believed that they had not committed a crime, it appears that the case has now reached its climax, because at the same time the German police have launched an investigation.

The video was filmed last July, but in early January Baser decided to post the video on social media. The photos show Pacer racing on the A2 motorway between Berlin and Hanover in his Bugatti Chiron.

There is no speed limit on some parts of German motorways, but there is a speed guideline. However, German police cannot estimate passer speeds. The officers find his leadership irresponsible. Although there is no speed limit, they can sue the driver for irresponsible driving and endangering other road users.

The German Ministry of Transport also expressed its dissatisfaction with the video. “All road users must comply with traffic regulations,” a spokesperson said. According to her, the agreement states, among other things, that all drivers must be able to keep their vehicle under constant control.

Police say there is no speed limit on the A2 between Berlin and Hanover. According to the manufacturer, the power of the Bugatti Chiron is 1,500 horsepower.(DVT)

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