Organic minerals to improve chicken bones

Organic phosphorous and calcium from pig bones can improve bone quality in chickens. Since these minerals are bound to carbon, they are easier to absorb than minerals in rocks.

who appears from Research By Bahadir Bahadir Can Güz of Wageningen University’s Adaptive Physiology and Research (WUR) was at a thousand roosters. Roosters are getting heavier, which is why, according to Jose, they have more leg problems. In two experiments, he compared a fast-growing strain of chicken to a slower-growing strain.

The WUR researcher noted that the organic minerals give chickens larger, denser bones and therefore stronger legs. These effects were lower in chickens fed inorganic minerals. The study showed that enriching chicken cages with climbing frames and live insect larvae also improved bones, because chickens move more.

Güz’s findings are currently being tested in a follow-up study of twenty-five thousand chickens, roosters, and hens. The researcher also wants to look at laying hens in the future. He wants to see if the bound minerals can also improve egg production.

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