Air Guitar & Hellsweeper VR to the platform – that’s what the games are

Vertigo Games, the VR publishing and development arm of the PLAION Group, is pleased to celebrate the launch of the PlayStation VR2 headset with the launch of the award-winning titles After the Fall and Unplugged: Air Guitar for the new platform, and Hellsweeper VR for PS VR2 in the second quarter of 2023. Vertigo invites gamers everywhere into the world of immersive VR with post-fall co-op shooting action, head-banging challenges in Unplugged: Air Guitar, or intense demon-slaying combat in Hellsweeper VR. Watch the launch trailers below:

In After the Fall, team up with up to three friends to take on a snowy, post-apocalyptic environment filled with fearsome zombie attackers. With intense four-player co-op and cross-play at its core, After the Fall delivers action-packed gameplay refined and optimized for the technical capabilities of PlayStation®VR2. Players who already own the PS VR1 digital version of the game can upgrade to the PS5 digital version of the game for free and get the PlayStation exclusive Road Warrior skin, valid for the Standard and Deluxe editions.

In addition, the Descension update will be released in conjunction with the launch of PS VR2 for all platforms. As the biggest update to date, Descension adds two new maps (a hospital and a metro station) and a bunch of quality of life fixes. After the Fall: Complete Edition is now available on PS VR2, including Frontrunner Season, Reclamation Update, and Descension Update. PlayStation Plus members can purchase After the Fall: Complete Edition with an all-time 15% discount to unlock the Playstation-exclusive Road Warrior skin!

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Unplugged: Air Guitar, now available, is the critically acclaimed VR guitar game and winner of Quest VR Game of the Year 2021 produced by the lead guitarist of the popular Guitar Hero series. Featuring hit songs from rock legends like Weezer, The Offspring, and Ozzy Osbourne, Unplugged: Air Guitar invites you to make your way through rock and roll history, with integrated VR support and global leaderboards to showcase your skills. The game’s signature guitar gameplay has been completely redesigned around the PlayStation VR2 Dual Sense controllers to bring the award-winning virtual guitar experience to the PlayStation VR audience, with over 55 rock and Steel Panther’s Satchel songs to help you reach the pinnacle of fame!

Hellsweeper VR, from the creators of Sairento VR, is a roguelike first-person fighting game where you play as an immortal Immortal, who must enter Hell with the sole mission of annihilating his twisted souls. Hellsweeper VR lets you unleash your power like never before, thanks to its blend of intense action, arcade-style action, and near-realistic physics. Smash enemies through the air, rip them in half with psychic powers, use a severed enemy limb as a bat, unleash horrific blasts to smash enemies into a bloody mess – no matter your playstyle, the devastating possibilities are endless, and make it to Q3 on PlayStation VR2!

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