Mike and Zara Tindall talk about the kids of the sports career

Mike and Zara Tindall found each other not only in love, but also in their passion for sports. And with their penchant for horse riding, rugby and all things action related, it is almost inevitable that their royal offspring will also have this in their upbringing.

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With their unparalleled sporting achievements as equestrian and rugby players, Zara and Mike are undoubtedly the sportiest members of the UK’s royal family. Well, maybe a tie for first place with the super fit Princess Kate, because she can do that, too.

Ann and Mark Phillips both made waves as seasoned equestrians, and thus daughter Zara was born with a love for equestrian sports. In 2012, the offspring of Princess Anne entered the Olympic Games, after which she returned home with a silver medal in her pocket. Hubby Mike found his passion on the rugby field, winning tournament after tournament at the professional level.

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So it is clear that the love of sports is passed down from generation to generation in the family. But what about Mike and Zara’s three children, Mia, Lucas, and Lena? In an interview with Welcome! magazine The sports couple opens a book on the subject, and it turns out that the royal apples don’t fall far from the tree either. Mike said that both Mia and Lena can be found at the local rugby club on Sundays, but he and Zara don’t want to put too much pressure on the kids. “They’re only 9 and 4, so we have to give them some time before the pressure builds,” he explains. Furthermore, according to Zara and Mike, kids love all sports and not necessarily rugby specifically, so there’s a good chance their royal offspring will soon be on the soccer field or in the gym instead of the rugby field. Well, you can’t expect your kids to take over everything from you…

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Source: Hello! The Magazine | Photo: NL Image/BrunoPress

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