Netherlands Cup | The dark net returns to the Feyenoord-Ajax match, which displeased the viewers

Matches between Feyenoord and Ajax are usually very tense, and for example, for safety reasons, away fans have not been welcomed at these matches for years. Last year, people thought this measure wasn’t enough and it had something to do with Steven Berghuis.

The striker made the move from Feyenoord to Ajax and Feyenoord fans did not thank him for it. It was feared Burgos would be pelted with objects from the stands. Safety nets were then the measure to prevent this, as had happened previously during Feyenoord’s European matches.

Viewer complaints

This created a suboptimal situation, where people preferred to keep the networks out of the picture during the broadcast. As a result, the camera position at the edge of the roof was changed and the nets remained visible several times. But apparently, the organization does not see a good alternative, because the Nets will be present again on April 5.

But this time the viewer and some of the supporters present were somewhat reconciled. Olympia will have an empty net, because that is the side of the field where most of the cameras are. This time, the broadcast will likely be less interrupted due to safety nets.

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