Does the color of your clothes affect your brain?

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Ever heard of him Dopamine pad? The idea is to wear something cheerful and a good mood will follow.

It may even cause more dopamine to be produced. This is one of the chemicals in our brain that affects how we feel. This often involves interaction with other substances, such as serotonin and oxytocin.

But what does science say about the relationship between what we wear and how we feel? One study found that people shown in photos wearing black shirts are perceived as more attractive than people wearing shirts in other colors.

Another study looked at whether there was a link between the color of uniforms and how well a football team performed. Researchers studied 55 years of matches and concluded that teams in red win home matches significantly more often.

Wearing a doctor’s coat, suit, or tracksuit should help you perform these activities better. Although there was also a study that showed that students performed better during exams if they wore very comfortable clothes.

But now we are deviating from the colors. Has it ever been investigated? Dopamine pad He works? Not as far as I know. This will also be difficult, because the way everyone sees color is not even fixed, and our cultural background also plays a role in which colors make us feel good and which don’t.

On the other hand, if it makes you feel better, do it.

Courtesy of BBC Science Focus: Dopamine dressing: How the color of your clothes can change your brain

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