AirPods can monitor your health in the future

Your Apple Watch, along with your iPhone, closely monitors your health. In the future, AirPods may also help with their health sensors.

Read on after the announcement.

Rumor: AirPods will soon be monitoring your health

Kevin LynchApple’s vice president of technology hinted that AirPods might get their own health sensors in the future. Thus the wireless earbuds can be used to provide more health data to the users.

Both the iPhone and the Apple Watch currently contain a wide range of sensors to provide users with health data. Apple also uses sensor fusion. This is a technology that collects data from different sensors on board multiple devices. This gives users a more comprehensive picture of their health.

In an interview with Take Crunch Leave lynch A hint that Apple may add the popular wireless headset to the sensor fusion process. “We are already working on integrating sensors into some devices these days. I think there are all kinds of possibilities related to AirPods.” That looks promising.

Rumors about AirPods with health sensors aren’t new

Suggestion lynch Compatible with Report from a trusted Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo. In the report, ko Recently, Apple will introduce health sensors in AirPods‌ in the future.

Also Mark Gorman from Bloomberg Came with a similar message. He said the second-generation AirPods Pro will get “upgraded motion sensors with a focus on fitness tracking.”

It remains to be seen if and when the AirPods will actually be turned into true health experts. At the moment we use it in I called Only as a musical aid during a hard workout.

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