Alderman Van Boekel paused in Bernheze: “For my well-being and my health” | Operating system and its surroundings

Heisch – Peter van Boeckel immediately resigned from his position as a local councilor in Bernese. The municipality announced this on Tuesday evening. His CDA is looking for a successor and hopes to make it in the short term.

Van Boeckel was a consultant for seven years and was primarily active in public housing and spatial planning. According to the statement accompanying the report on his departure, he could hardly cope with the harsh political climate in his eyes. Health causes also play a role. For these reasons, Van Boeckel actually took a three-month vacation last spring.

“The decision to quit my duties is difficult for me. I noticed that I no longer had the energy to complete my term. Van Boeckel’s statement says: For the sake of my well-being and health, I must take a step back. The municipality distributed this text on Tuesday evening. When asked, Van Boeckel, who had been a former counsel for twelve years, did not want to provide any further explanation.

Increase the sidewalk

As a local councilor for construction affairs, Van Boeckel has faced some tough times in recent years. He faced difficulty with criticism in politics, the press and the street, so he mentioned in his statement: “What really affects me and helped in making my decision is the hardening of the argument and the image. I have a positive attitude and I always start from the best of people. Out.

“The values ​​that I find important – respect, diligence and cooperation – appear to be under pressure,” Van Boeckel continues. I see politics becoming more and more personal. Things that don’t go well, no matter how small, get magnified. I’m noticing that I’m finding it increasingly difficult to put that into perspective. In my opinion, very little attention is paid to what goes well. Much has been achieved in recent years and I can look back with pride. “

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Moorman regrets leaving

In a written response, Mayor Märicky Moorman mentioned Van Boeckel’s greatest achievement, which she regretted leaving: ‘Burnsie loses industrious alderman with great participation in the municipality. Thanks to his efforts, 800 homes have been built or are still under construction in Bernezi and there are plans to build another 400. Many rural farmers have been helped to change or stop their businesses.

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