All eight passengers have been rescued from the stranded cable car over the straits in Pakistan, and the owner and employee have been arrested

But to rescue the passengers from the cable car was a very difficult task. The army has sent a rescue team to the scene. The helicopters tried to approach the elevator, but had to fight a strong wind. Additionally, helicopter blades could further destabilize the already shaky ropeway, so rescuers had to be extra careful.

They initially fail to get people off the cable car, but they manage to get some food and water at the site. Earlier, a passenger sketched the drama on TV via his phone. “God help us. We don’t even have water to drink.”

As night fell, attempts to rescue people by helicopter stopped. At that time, two young men had already been evacuated. Relief teams continued their work from the ground. Experts arrived at the scene and the other passengers were identified through a zip line (Dangling from a rope and sliding down, Ed.) I tried to evacuate.

At about 20:00 our time, the recovery message arrived that all passengers were safely on the ground floor. It is not yet clear if they are in good health.

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