This trick will make your iPhone battery last longer

Although we can no longer live without our iPhone, we prefer to replace our batteries every few months. Even when we’re not doing anything special, the battery drains quickly. By turning off this function, your battery will last longer!

Is your mobile phone always flat at the wrong time? Or do you see your battery draining automatically when you search for something online? This may be related to a specific setting on your iPhone. And yes, you can turn it off again!

Wi-Fi help

One of the default settings on your iPhone is WiFi Assist, a tool that ensures that you always have a stable connection. When both 4G and WiFi are on, WiFi Assist will ensure that you always get the most stable network. The tool thus switches between the strongest WiFi connections and your mobile data. Just think of when you’re sitting in the garden or on your patio and your WiFi isn’t strong enough to watch countless Instagram stories. Then your iPhone seamlessly switches to the 4G network, to provide you with the best service.

Although this tool also requires a lot of power from your iPhone, since it is constantly searching for the best connection. By turning off WiFi assist, you will have to manually switch between WiFi and 4G, but you will save a lot of battery percentage.

How do I do that?

Turning off Wi-Fi Assist is simple. Open your setting on your iPhone and tap on Mobile Network. Turn on mobile network or 4G network, then scroll to the bottom. You’ll see a WiFi assist setting under all your apps, which you may or may not be turning on your 4G. Simply turn it off And voila!

The better news: It also saves space in your storage space. You’re welcome!

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