More stress on mental health due to budget cuts

Every year during the Prinsjesdag period, the Ministry of Finance publishes a list of new curricula. Because of the election, this was made available earlier this year. Political parties look at the list when preparing their electoral statements. Existing ministries are also used when making budget choices. These will become clear in the budget note on budget day.

Election leaflet

Making a personal contribution to mental health and youth care, reversing access to the Long-Term Care Act for people with mental health problems and stopping the policy against understaffing in the care sector are some of the proposals on the agenda. Deviation list 2023. The Dutch Mental Health Service thus sees “worrying cut proposals” for the ministries of Health, Social Welfare, Sport, Social Affairs and Employment, and Justice and Security. “In many cases, these measures may appear to reduce government spending, but they create costs elsewhere by increasing pressure on mental health,” the association said.

the Answer It is an addition to the previous one Elections Handbook Dutch mental health care.

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