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A “complete consensus” is emerging among the 27 member states of the European Union for Ukraine to be a candidate for EU membership. This is what France’s European Affairs Minister Clement Pellon said after the meeting of the European Union Council of Ministers in Luxembourg. The official decision on the status to be granted Kyiv falls at the European summit on Thursday.

It was the European Commission that last Friday formally recommended that Ukraine and Moldova be offered a European perspective and give them candidate membership, provided that both countries implement a number of reforms. Georgia should also be given such a perspective, but for this country as a candidate for membership that is too early, according to the commission.

The decision comes on the heels of the European Summit of Heads of State and Government, which will start in Brussels in two days. At the Preparatory Council of Ministers, French Minister and President Clement Bonn noted today that there is “complete consensus” among the 27 EU countries to give Ukraine the opportunity for membership.

“The discussion has demonstrated a great consensus, I would even venture to say a complete consensus, especially on Ukraine,” Boone said afterwards. He said the country should be able to become a candidate state for EU membership “at the best possible time”.

Bonn noted that such a law does not mean that Ukraine immediately becomes an effective member state of the European Union. “Because the process is so time-consuming, we also have to think of additional elements – not alternatives. It is in this spirit that the President (Emmanuel Macron, editor) has in recent weeks pushed for the formation of a European political community.”

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