An American man is attacked for several days by a wild grizzly…


Rescuers accidentally saved a man who was attacked by a wild grizzly bear in the US state of Alaska. The helicopter crew passing by saw the injured man waving as they flew overhead.

The man was staying at a small campground in the Alaskan wilderness, 40 miles from the nearest town, Nome. He got into a fight with a wild grizzly bear. That monster came to visit him every night after that, and he even once dragged the man into the river. “He hasn’t slept in days,” said the pilot who carried him in the air. The New York Times.

The man did not have a phone or other means of communication, so he could not ask for help. However, a Coast Guard helicopter trying to avoid some menacing rain clouds accidentally flew over the area the man was in. When the crew saw the stumbling man waving to them in a panic, they knew something was wrong. “I said, ‘This is an emergency sign,'” the pilot said.

They carried him and took him to civilization. There he insisted on walking himself to the ambulance that had ordered him. “He didn’t want to be on a stretcher.” His encounter with the bear left only some serious bruising.

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