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from Google’s fun Now it is a well-known phenomenon: in special days, the popular Google logo appears on the search engine with a different appearance. Often it’s just about a special design that relates to a special day, sometimes that design is animated every now and then even to play. For the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, Google has gone a few steps forward.

Today’s Google Doodle is full game For example, filled with all kinds of mini-games about different sports. The game is called Doodle Champion Island Games and it is a type of JRPG, a type of role-playing game that Japan is famous for. The game looks and feels somewhat similar to the early titles in the series like Final Fantasy and Pokémon, albeit a little simpler.

The scope of the game is still expanding

Players use their keyboard to control Lucky Cat, who plays games such as table tennis, skating, and synchronized swimming. Players can join one of four teams, keeping the combined total of all players around the world in the leaderboard. More mini games will be added in the coming weeks.

Each mini-game is introduced into the game with a short animation in the style of the well-known Japanese anime. The videos are created by the well-known Studio 4°C from films like Tekkonkinkreet. at video making Google shows how the game came to be and how Japanese mythology and cultural elements were incorporated into the game.

Players can close Doodle Champion Island games in between, and progress will be saved. If the game disappears from the Google logo, it can still be played via Archive page with all Google doodles.

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