Google Chrome will display the full URL again

Google will no longer display the short URL in Chrome. She’s done this for security reasons in recent years, but she’ll come back to it.

The tech giant saw that shorter links would make it easier for users to learn about trusted domain names. Android Police spotted developer document Where Google decides to show the full URL again when browsing.

Make URLs disappear

At some point, Google had a plan for Delete the URL completely in Chrome. They will be replaced by search terms. The text field, the omnibox, was simplified a few years ago. For example, browsers could no longer see the “https://www” section and had to follow the domain name.

Google wanted to make things easier for the average surfer. “Web addresses are hard to read and it’s not clear to ordinary people where to go next when it comes to security. Chrome head Adrienne Porter said in 2018 that URLs fail to properly convey a website’s identity.

invalidate the decision

Critics thought it wasn’t a good decision at the time. This will make it difficult to recognize the web and mobile versions of the website. Two different websites can also appear identical, which opens the door to phishing. Google now appears to be adjusting to this criticism. The search giant admits that the idea did not work out as expected in practice. “This experiment yielded no relevant security benefit. Technology lead Emily Stark wrote, so we will not be releasing the feature definitively.

The modification will be implemented in Chrome 91. Only the “https://” part will remain hidden by default. You can also show this protocol by default, by right-clicking (or ctrl) on ombinox and choosing “Always show full URL”.

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