An eye-catcher at PAD Paris 2024

At the beginning of this month, the PAD Paris conference took place, a defining moment for many of the world's leading voices in design. This year I also found Charles Zanna among them. He's been drawing his stripes as an architect and designer for some time now; His latest collection of furniture is a definitive confirmation of this. If you haven't had a chance to admire his work in the gallery itself, we'll be happy to update it. We'll tell you one thing: It was more than worth it.

Since 1998, PAD has become an annual major moment for designers in France and abroad. As a meeting place for national and international exhibitions, the fair promotes the rich intersection of historical and contemporary design. As a reflection of the current climate, this event proves every time to be crucial to the interplay between contemporary aesthetics and innovation. Charles Zanna is now a well-known name to organizers. Somewhere between form and matter, he creates his own terrain that gives way to light and shadow. In every design and object, he searches for a sensory experience that goes beyond what is purely visual. Meaning is fundamental to him, just as organic sensuality is. At the 2024 show, he showed an exclusive collection that owes much to the pioneering French tradition. It combines this return to history with a modern appeal, which suits the experience of déjà vu, which is difficult to define with a contemporary touch. Proportion, comfort and style are basic needs that pieces must meet. This turned out to be no problem, as his inherent talent and professional knowledge were impeccable. As a designer, he has a rare instinct for the right scale and a perfect sense of proportions that produce the best results. He has exceptional craftsmen at his disposal to execute the designs. They often pass on their skills from generation to generation; Ideal parties for obtaining valuable materials.

The meeting place for national and international exhibitions; Cross-pollination between historical and contemporary design

We'd like to go into detail by telling you about three specific pieces. The set includes a Symi lamp. This is heavily inspired by the Mediterranean region and features the tension between the topography of the base and the texture of the lamp shade. The first is made of stained and polished cedar wood. The lamp refers in its name to the Greek countryside. The rocking chair bearing the name Rimbaud then takes a central position within the collection. In fact the piece was designed for a project in Sardinia. In terms of content, it is a reflection of garden furniture and the desire to place such pieces indoors. The seat is made of woven leather and the frame is made of metal. Both materials complement each other and come together in a meditative piece. Third, we consider Frank, an armchair inspired by the works of Jean-Michel Frank. The slim seat is curved and beautifully crafted from antique bronze. Crucial here is the idea of ​​proportions complementing each other, which can also be drawn from the arms and legs that appear fluid and play with their resemblance to molten glass. PAD Paris 2024 is a permanent headline for many fans of diverse design. Later this year, the edition will take place in London in October, where many big and emerging names will undoubtedly once again show their best. We'd also like to keep you updated on some of the controversial pieces being reviewed. Banner image: Verlaine Cupboard, © Studio de Marie
Image 2: Cocteau side table, © Studio de Marie
Image 3: Semi Lamb, © Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt
Image 4: PAD Paris 2024, Wharton Chair, © Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt

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Image 5: Cedar lamp of Chios, © Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt
Image 6: Frank's easy chair, © Gaspar Hermach

Image 7: Verlaine's closet, © Studio de Mare
Image 8: Neurological couch, © Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt
Image 9: Large three-edged coffee table, © Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt

Image 10: PAD Paris 2024, Rambo rocking chair, © Gaspard Hermach
Image 11: Single edge side table, © Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt
Image 12: Milos lamp; © Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt

Text by Kara Jacobs

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