An internal investigation into the US Department of Justice in a possible attempt to influence the election results | abroad

The US Department of Justice’s Internal Oversight Service is investigating whether department employees have attempted to influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced today after US media reported last weekend that Trump was receiving support from within the department in his office. A plan to announce the nullity of the elections with a new minister.

The New York Times and The Washington Post, among others, reported on Saturday that Geoffrey Clark, an attorney who worked for the department, had prepared with Trump a plan to dismiss then-attorney General Jeff Rosen and appoint Clark in his place so he could. Then investigate allegations of election fraud in Georgia.

According to former and current department employees, Clark urged both Rosen and former Deputy Attorney General Rich Donoggio to announce an investigation into election fraud at a press conference. They were also asked to send a letter to Georgia state election officials stating that an investigation was opened. Rosen and Donoghue rejected both requests.

Clark Rosen told Rosen in early January that Trump planned to appoint him a deputy attorney general. Donoggio then rushed to refer the matter to the top officials in Parliament, who all threatened dismissal if the time came. Administration employees convinced Trump to abandon his plan later in the evening.

Clark has now resigned from the department, but that doesn’t mean the case will continue to be fully investigated, says Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Nine Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee wrote that the reports of the failed Clark and Trump plan “raise deeply troubling questions about the Justice Department’s role in Trump’s game to alter the election results.”

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