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From Wednesday, Brussels Airlines will resume flights from the UK to Brussels as planned. Spokeswoman Mike Andres confirmed this.

Flights were canceled on Monday and Tuesday due to a ban on entry to and from the United Kingdom due to the modified version of the Coronavirus that appeared there.

Conditions apply until December 31 on flights from the UK to Brussels. For example, all passengers who have Belgian residency or Belgian citizenship can travel to Brussels. Passengers who transfer to another flight in Brussels with a final destination outside the European Union can also travel, provided they fulfill the conditions for entry into the country of their final destination. It is also permitted for travelers who are traveling for a very necessary reason. This relates to trips that cannot be postponed, such as, for example, professional transportation for health workers, family reunification trips, or a visit to a spouse or legal partner.

Brussels Airlines is redirecting to the website of the Belgian government Diplomat Belgium B. For more information on essential travel and necessary documents.

Brussels Airlines flights from Belgium to the UK will continue as planned and all passengers can be accepted.

On Monday, the federal government announced that it will extend the ban on passenger movement with the United Kingdom for 24 hours. It also said that from Wednesday, Belgium will only accept people who reside in Belgium. There will also be additional checks on the Passenger site form. A strict seven-day quarantine obligation applies. From Wednesday, transit air traffic will also be permitted, in relation to transit traffic to countries outside the European Union.

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