Andrew Ridgeley in careless whisper: ‘I agree that George will release it alone’

Come on! Is an expression of a special friendship between George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. Andrew previously told a cocoon of how he and George met at school, in an excellent 2000. Top 2000 tells the story of a Coco girl who hits a whisper.

The two ideas complement each other perfectly

Andrew reads a passage Come on! George & I. From it the story of the careless Whisper becomes clear: “In the evenings I practiced endlessly on the yoke (nickname for George) and my favorite songs that I could work on. One particular idea provoked the sadness. I read, what do you think about this, I asked.The idea of ​​the song was a perfect fit for something that Michael already had in mind.The ideas complemented each other perfectly, just as the careless whisper was born. Read more below the video.

Not in the intro album

The song came together like a puzzle, but did not feature on the debut album. ‘It didn’t match Wamin’s style then! What we stand for is youth, enthusiasm, vitality and energy. Ann Fantastic It would not have been appropriate, “says Andrew.” Waiting for George to leave the band was one thing, and when that day came, George wanted to release a solo version of Michael Girles Whisper.

Released in the UK under WAM!

Andrew agreed, but wanted to make it clear to George that the record would not receive a separate score in the UK. “George is not known enough in the United States to give this song enough success. In the United States he understood that it had to be a Wham! Song. It was a good decision by the mothers because this song has become the No. 1 hit in the UK in this way, but in many countries.

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Come on! In T Top 2000

Come in 2020! Three times since 2000 with Last Christmas, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and Club Tropicana. George Michael is 179th on the list, along with Girlless Whisper. Curious as to how the numbers have risen in the list of lists over the years? See statistics here.

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