Fight: Mark Zuckerberg wants to harm Tim Cook and Apple

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Mark Zuckerberg criticized Tim Cook and Apple, according to a leaked conversation from the Facebook CEO.

It has been going on for a while Not very tasty between Apple, city, cat at The social networking site Facebook. A leaked conversation from Mark Zuckerberg reveals just how faltering the two tech companies are. In it, Zuckerberg would have argued that Facebook should be “ harming ” Apple. What happens between the two?

Zuckerberg wants to harm Apple

The conflict between Apple and Facebook appears to be simmering as Zuckerberg has set a new goal for his team: to harm the iPhone maker. This is evident from a leaked conversation that the insiders viewed Wall Street Journal (Across Mac rumors).

Thunder started between the two during that Cambridge Analytica Scandal. It turns out that Facebook is transferring data from millions of users to the said company. Cambridge Analytica then used the data to promote targeted political campaigns.

Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed in 2018 that his company would not end up there because they had a better view on privacy and data collection. That shot Zuckerberg the wrong way. He fired some defenses at Cook.

But in reality, the current relationship between Cook and Zuckerberg is more about Apple policies and Facebook’s desires than mysterious and hypothetical scenarios. Social does not comply with Apple’s policies in the App Store and iOS regarding data collection. Cookies will also hinder users’ freedom of choice. In other words, users should be able to set Facebook and its iMessage as the default apps. Of course, Facebook does not want to pay any commission to the App Store for in-app purchases.

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In short, Apple and Facebook are in a fierce battle that is slowly becoming overt. There will even be lawsuits against each other. So that wouldn’t be the last mockery between the two.

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