Health Council: Not only do you look at the letter “R”, you also look at the mental state of the country “

Jet Bussemaker of the Public Health and Community Council sees the impact of the lockdown on the well-being of young people enormous. “Young people are at the end when it comes to decision making,” says Page. Speech makers. Let’s look not only at the rate at which the virus reproduces, but also at the mental state of people.

Former Minister Bussemaker believes that we are now very focused on fighting the virus and protecting vulnerable groups, but we must pay more attention to groups affected by this policy. “This is a different group.”

grow up

According to Bussemaker, everyone is having a tough time. This crisis is also very dangerous for the disabled. Especially since the lack of future prospects “kills” young people. “Young people are at a point in life where they have to develop and discover. They have to learn to deal with new relationships and disappointments and now they don’t have the opportunity to mature properly.”

not enough

According to her, Rutti and the government should do more for the youth. “Good things are mentioned every now and then, but they are not enough.”

A private youth think-tank has offered a number of concrete suggestions, according to Busmaker. There are steps, she says, that can be taken now to prevent young people from being left behind entirely. For example, raising the minimum age for outdoor exercise from 18 to 25. “It’s not very complicated. Balance that.” The next flexibility should be aimed at young people

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