“Android 12 finally got a recycle bin, that’s how it will work”

After introducing the Recycle Bin into Windows 95 about 26 years ago, Google has successfully provided Android with a recycle bin that all users can access. In Developer Preview, the functionality is not visible to everyone, and this will change once a stable version of Android 12 is released.

Recycle Bin in Android 12

Files deleted from Android device in the past have permanently disappeared from the phone. On Windows, Microsoft offers another step between deleting files and finally splitting files. This way, you can recover files that you accidentally delete at a later time. Google brought it Android 11 first release From the Recycle Bin as we know it from Windows (and macOS or Linux).

With the first Recycle Bin, it was possible for apps to “report” files that needed to be deleted to the Recycle Bin. Files that have not been removed from this recycle bin within 30 days will be gone after that. Recovering files from Recycle Bin was also not available in Android 11; Android 11 requires you to install an app that has access to this recycle bin. By default, Google did not offer any options for browsing in the trash.

Files via the Google app

Google Files appears to be one of the apps that will receive support for browsing Android trash and file recovery, according to a 2020 APK study. Since then, it has remained silent about Android’s default trash bin. searching for XDA He indicates that Google is expanding the Recycle Bin, including a function to immediately delete all files in the Recycle Bin in the Android Storage tab.

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Android 12 gets a built-in Recycle Bin. Currently still hidden, Image: XDA

Currently this is a hidden post. It is not yet known if Google intends to provide access to the Recycle Bin from this site as well, or whether it will send users to Google filesThe application will indicate. Although the functionality of the Files by Google app doesn’t appear to be related to Android 12, the search giant may wait for launch until Android 12 is on the list.

In recent months, Google has rolled out the first Developer Preview versions of Android 12. Starting in May, the first betas of the new Android version will be rolled out, with Google rolling out the stable update in the third quarter. Would you like Android to get the recycle bin, or do you not see the added value of that? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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