Android 13 and OnePlus 10T split in half (Android News #33)

Google unexpectedly released Android 13 and the latest OnePlus 10T split in half in testing. This is the top Android news of the week.

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Android 13 has been released! Here’s what you need to know about the update

We haven’t secretly relied on it, but Google has the final version of Android 13 chest. The update is coming too early because Android 12 It only appeared in October last year. The new Android version is now available for Pixel smartphones. If you have a phone from Samsung, OnePlus, Motorola, or Xiaomi, you still have to wait for the update. In a blog post, Google wrote that Android 13 will arrive on devices from other manufacturers “later this year”. It varies by brand (and for each smartphone) how quickly they get the Android 13 update. High-end phones are expensive – like Samsung Galaxy S22 And the OnePlus 10 Pro They are often the fastest to update. This is followed by mid-range and budget devices.

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“Netflix Coming Soon With Ads, But Not Offline”

Download Netflix Offline

Trusted Bloomberg Report that with the cheapest NetflixIt is not possible to subscribe to download movies and series for offline use. Evidence of this is found in the Netflix iPhone app code. The code states that downloads (as the feature is called) are available for all subscriptions except for those that contain ads. Netflix ignores the feature so that the cheapest subscription differs more from the more expensive subscriptions. Users may also be tempted to pay more for Netflix, so that they can save movies and series on a smartphone or tablet.

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Motorola Edge 2022 official: big battery, fast screen, and the latest chip

Motorola Edge 2022

Here it is: The new Motorola Edge 2022 has been announced and it has great specs. For now, the device will only launch in the US, but there’s a good chance Motorola will also bring Edge 2022 to Europe. Perhaps under a different name, but nothing is known about this yet. Motorola Edge 2022 has the latest chip from MediaTek, the Dimensity 1050. This allows the device to achieve greater speed 5G speeds. The chip is not the most powerful and least fast processor, for example, the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 from Qualcomm, but this is not surprising. After all, this Edge 2022 is in the mid-range segment. On the front of the new bezel is a 6.6-inch AMOLED screen.

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WhatsApp comes with a special desktop app for a better chatting experience

Facebook disabled

WhatsApp has released a special desktop version of the messaging app. You can open WhatsApp messages on your computer before, but via the web version. This new application is specially developed for your PC. Once you register your laptop or PC with your phone, it becomes pretty much independent. So you don’t have to keep your smartphone connected to send and receive messages. Just like WhatsApp Web. If you have not used the phone for 14 days, the computer will be automatically logged out. The Windows app is already available for download in the Microsoft Store. If you are using a Mac (Book), you will have to wait a little longer.

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Video: OnePlus 10T breaks in half just as hard as its predecessor

During an endurance test Jerrygg is everything Smartphones are at stake. For example, a YouTuber tests how resistant a screen is to scratching and whether it can withstand flames. At the end of the test, the durability of the device is also tested. And there was OnePlus 10T do not reach it. Soon after the YouTuber grabs the phone with both hands and begins applying force, the camera island housing cracks. When a YouTuber puts in more force, it easily bends the device in half.

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Did OnePlus fix the latest phone?  Endurance test!

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