Android 13 can significantly reduce game load times

Android 13 can have a good impact on game load times. Although Google is making some strange choices with its gaming service Stadia, it’s clear that they haven’t finished playing it yet. For example, in Android 12 you have introduced many new options for mobile gamers and you want to continue that in Android 13.

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In Android 12 we saw, among other things, the new game control panel with which you can quickly take screenshots or even entire videos. Plus, thanks to the new Game Mode API, developers can get much better performance out of their game, without affecting the device’s battery life. Android 13 You will likely get new tools on top of that.

Android expert Mishaal Rahman says a new method is being added to GameManager API called setGameState. This allows games to communicate their state to the system. This helps the system to know if it is possible to disable the game, as well as to know what it is doing, for example. Since even the loading time passes (via GAME_LOADING), CPU performance can be boosted temporarily and this can reduce the amount of time you have to stare at the loading screen.

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Shorter load times

The intention will be to make this functionality possible with Android 13, which is supposed to appear later this year, on all devices on this operating system. This should first be tested via a vendor test suite. Of course it will hopefully do that, because it can greatly improve your game performance.

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