Android Auto adds split screen to widescreen displays

Do you have a good entertainment system in your car? Good news: Android Auto can display two apps simultaneously in split screen after recent update. The only requirement is that you must have a widescreen.

Read on after the announcement.

View two apps simultaneously with Android Auto’s split screen

Android Auto It has a much-needed function: on widescreen, it is now possible to display two applications in a split screen. For example, you can launch the navigation app and keep Spotify on at the same time. So it is no longer necessary to switch between apps if you want to play different music. This feature was already available on the competitor Apple CarPlay.

The update was detected by a Reddit user My_Name_Is_Taken. Your primary app will now display a lot on the screen, and the second app is much smaller and can be found to the right of the image. If you want to flip it all you need to do is change your primary app.

As mentioned, it is only possible to use split screen on widescreen displays. It is currently unclear where exactly the boundaries lie. If you have an older or square display, the feature might not be available to you. The applications will then be shown very small and thus not easy to read.

What you need to know about Android Auto

Android Auto is Google’s on-the-go operating system. If you connect your smartphone to your car’s infotainment system, you can use all kinds of apps on the big screen. Move around with Google Maps, playing music Spotify Or send messages using The WhatsApp.

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running Android Planet We regularly publish articles about the system. For example, we recently launched a Android Auto Review Updated, and you can also watch it as a video below. We also explain how Download and install Android Auto. We also tell you what the The best apps To be.

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