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Heikant – How do people at Heikant think about digitization in healthcare? What does it find useful and what doesn’t make sense? And how can healthcare providers support their patients digitally? In search of answers, Heikant Health Center works alongside residents. Result 1: A practical overview of 16 recommended health, care and wellness apps and websites.

Digitization can no longer be ignored in everyday life, and if used properly it can add up to a lot. We arrange everything via websites and smartphone apps. There is also a growing need in healthcare to be able to do more digitally: search for information, set appointments, make video calls, receive advice, pursue training or treatment. If it can be done online, then it offers several advantages. You are less dependent on the work hours of caregivers and you are more flexible in when and where you do something. Above all, we see that people are gaining more self-confidence and can do more for themselves.

Caregivers and the Customer Council at Health Center Heikant have been working on “person-centered care” and “positive health” for some time now. In the latter case, the focus is not on the disease, but on the people themselves: their resilience and what makes their lives meaningful. More digital options are an excellent match for person-centered care and positive health. But what are Hicante’s desires and needs? To find out about this, hundreds of patients took an online survey last year. The Client Committee represented different groups in the neighborhood: from the elderly to those with young families.

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There are many sites and applications in the field of health, welfare and well-being. It is difficult to see the forest for the trees. In the sessions, residents indicated that they needed a clear “evidence” with reliable and helpful suggestions. They rounded up the 16 best based on their caregiver experiences. This was discussed later with the Customer Committee.

Recommended sites and apps cover various areas: physical health, mental health, family care support, well-being, self-monitoring (such as diabetes), sleep training, brain training, neighbor assistance, and information about medications. The top 16 is now on The website of the health center Flyer is also available.

Hikant Health Center is proud of the tangible first result of the new form of collaboration with the residents of the neighborhood. There will definitely be a follow-up, as the client board will become a permanent soundboard assembly.

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