Android Auto issues appear after Android 14 update

A growing group of Android 14 users are reporting issues with Android Auto. Problems range from missing sounds, to sometimes the entire app not working.

Problems with Android Auto

Android Auto is a very useful addition to your car’s multimedia screen. But then it should work. This seems to be the case on different devices. This concerns devices that have been updated to Android 14 update. This is the latest version of Android. Although this update brings a host of new features and improvements, it also brings problems.

For example, many people on the Internet have reported problems with music. The issue may occur with Spotify, YouTube Music, and others. No sound will be heard after updating to Android 14. On Reddit, we read complaints that all Android Auto systems no longer want to start, making Android Auto impossible to use.

Other users have reported other Android Auto errors. There are also reports of the system being slow, and remarkably everything is running smoothly. The music will also stutter and the navigation sound won’t always come through. Sometimes it stumbles or lags by a few seconds, causing instructions to arrive very late. This is observed in many navigation applications; Not only in Google Maps, but also in Waze.

It is not really possible to find the exact cause of the problems. Except that it seems to be a matter of updating to Android 14. It occurs in different types of devices, including Pixel devices, but also Samsung Galaxy devices and Xiaomi models. However, not all users seem to be bothered by this. For some, a restart solves the problem once, but the next time you drive the car, the problems start again. These problems have been noticed for a while, but the solution provided by Google does not appear to have been implemented yet.

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If you experience problems with Android Auto after Android 14, please let us know in a comment below this message.

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