Samsung Galaxy Z Fold & Roll with foldable screen

Samsung is developing a foldable smartphone with a retractable screen. The design bears many similarities to the recently introduced Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Friday will be the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 employment Galaxy Z Flip 3 Foldable smartphones. Both foldable phones are much improved and much cheaper than their predecessors. In the background, Samsung is already busy developing new foldable and rollable smartphone models.

The newly published patent shows that Samsung is considering developing a device that can be folded and stretched – the principle of fold and roll. In the interest of convenience, we have aptly named this device “Galaxy Z Fold & Roll”.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold & Roll With Retractable Screen

On February 1, 2021, Samsung Display filed a patent for a foldable and extendable smartphone design. The documentation was released on August 24, 2021 and includes no less than 40 product diagrams showing two different smartphone models.

The design is clearly derived from the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Samsung’s trademark hidden hinge can be seen, and the triple camera on the back has the same design as the new Fold’s camera. The device also features a similar screen that folds inward. This time, however, there is no visible front screen.

Instead, Samsung has equipped this foldable smartphone with a sliding system. When folded, you can extend the smartphone screen, after which a narrow and elongated screen is created to the right of the camera system. Thanks to this piece of the screen surface, you can take selfies with the main camera.

In the unfolded mode, there is no visible camera around the screen, and presumably Samsung will want to use a camera under the screen. The recently introduced Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the first Samsung smartphone to have the camera placed below the screen.

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The two models differ from each other only in the way they stretch – to the left or to the right. This makes an important difference, because in the second model, an additional camera surface makes use of the foreground, rather than the background.

In May this year, Samsung Display showed another promising sliding deviceHowever, this model was not foldable. Anyway, the South Korean manufacturer already has the necessary trademarks registered for its future rollable models, in May of this year, the names were Galaxy Z Roll employment Galaxy Z Slide installed.

Samsung Electronics is expected to present its first foldable smartphone in 2022. However, the design is still unknown. For example, earlier this month LetsGoDigital reported on a special event Galaxy Z Slide With a flexible screen that extends to the back.

However, the idea of ​​a foldable / foldable smartphone combination is not entirely new. In April this year, a TCL Fold ‘n Roll Introduced the concept of the smartphone. However, this extendable model was all about maximizing screen space when unfolded. On the other hand, Samsung wants to use the extendable screen portion to be used as a cover screen when folded.

View Documents Samsung Galaxy Z Fold & Roll.

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