The first details about the new open world game from the producer of GTA

Leslie Benzies left Rockstar North in 2016. Prior to that he was a producer for almost all GTA and Red Dead Redemption games. He founded his studio Build a Rocket Boy, with whom he has been working on a new open world game called Everywhere for a long time. In 2020, it raised another 43 million euros to co-finance the project.

Galaxy Interactive reports on His website It has also invested in studio Benzies, giving some details about the upcoming game. Thus, the game is described as a “real version of Ready Player One”.

The book (and movie adaptation) Ready Player One illustrates a giant virtual world that includes almost the entire population and where people log in to play different games, from racing to adventure. The description of Galaxy Interactive was probably meant to indicate that the game would be almost all-encompassing.

Galaxy Interactive also wrote of the still-mysterious game: “It’s an AAA open-world, multiplayer experience that includes an epic multi-season narrative as well as user-generated content, and a virtual sandbox where players can create their own worlds using subtle detail, social and streaming options.”

It is not known when Everywhere will be officially revealed.

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