White House responds to potential abortion ban with emergency contraceptive funds | abroad

The US government wants to free up funds to increase access to emergency contraception. It’s a possible response to an imminent abortion ban, the White House has reported. For example, the morning-after pill can prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

With support for more emergency contraception, the government is anticipating a Supreme Court ruling that would rescind the right to abortion. The top US judges are expected to marry by the end of June.

A draft resolution leaked early this week would scrap the scheme allowing women in all US states to have abortions. In the event of a final “no” from the court, it will again be up to the states themselves to decide whether abortion is permitted, just as it was before 1973. In a string of conservative states, women can then forget about it.

Since the draft resolution was unveiled, additional donations have been pouring in to abortion clinics and abortion advocacy groups. The Abortion Care Network received more than $100,000 (94,000 euros) in a day and a half, and the meter has never increased so quickly. At another institution, just over half of all donors donated money for the first time.

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