Ambassador: Hundreds of evacuees in Afghanistan, deadline is uncertain

Many countries have in Kabul Airport Residential complexes Equipped for their embassy staff. The Netherlands is also present at the airport. It concerns an embassy team that is protected, among other things, by commandos and special units of the Navy.

The Netherlands is trying to bring evacuees to safety via the base at the airport, but according to Wijers, this is not easy. “We try to get our people in as safely as possible, but this is not always regulated. The situation is dangerous and precarious.”

horrific scenes

Wijgers talking about “bad scenes” in front of the airport gates. According to the ambassador, the outer ring of the airport has already become in the hands of extremists, and they are expected to control the entire airport.

Wijgers says thousands of Afghans are trying to reach the airport. Countries that control airport gates, such as the US, UK and Germany, only allow people to cross to a limited extent. “The gates are often closed without us notifying.”

“It’s all unpredictable,” Wijgers says. “The evacuees sometimes come in big groups, sometimes in small clubs. Other countries run the same race.”

Military evacuation flights now depart from Kabul every day. Many Afghan citizens are desperately trying to flee the country now that the Taliban is in power:

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